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The Winged Boy (G #1)

The Winged Boy (G #1)

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•[Jayfeather]• By AwsomeDragons Completed

The 'Gifted' Trilogy Book One

William Gilligan, heir to Gilligan industries, has seemingly destined for greatness. His father fully expects him to be the son he always wanted to be, and his mother is two steps behind him. But Will doesn't always feel like that's what he wants to with his life. He's always been sort of an adrenaline junkie, jumping off of high things an never breaking a bone. People say he's lucky, Will knows better, he's special. One day, that all changes, Will's secret gets out. One that he's been skillfully keeping for seven years. With sudden popularity and growing fans, comes new enemies. Will is being hunted by the very people who changed his DNA in the first place. There's seems to be no corner on earth where he can run, or fly as he's used too. Will wants to invisible, but is that possible? How can someone like him possibly have a normal place in the world?


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I would have said I'd passed some pigeons or something on my way there, just to be sure the man wouldn't be sispicious
- - Aug 11, 2016
Too much information, too much-much brain mal-func....tioooonnnn.......... *shuts down*
- - Aug 11, 2016
This reminds of Marvel with Wolverine when he's recruiting people and there's the boy who tries cutting his wings off
Bigger_On_The_Inside Bigger_On_The_Inside Jul 03, 2016
fox2019 fox2019 Jul 20, 2016
Grr. I hate the people who have 'too white' teeth in books cause they always are either creepy as fuk, or are trying to kill the character/s that I like
lycaon6 lycaon6 Oct 14, 2016
Actually I think your genes are mostly found in the nucleus of the cell.