Our Dirty Little Secret (Book 2) COMPLETE

Our Dirty Little Secret (Book 2) COMPLETE

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Lushee By GoddessLucy Completed

Book Two of “Scandal”!

Lucy is finally back and ready to start her life. But so much has happened since she left, and not everybody welcomes her back with open arms.                                                                      

||NaLu||GaLe||Slight Jerza||COMPLETE||

Doesn't gray have raven hair too though? GEEZ HOW MANY GUYS DID LISANNA SLEEP WITH!?!?!!
Hopefully he actualy knows because because if he didnt.. He is super dense
PikaSwag101 PikaSwag101 Apr 27
Um Natsu let me explain this to you..
                              YOU have PINK hair
                              FURIN has RAVEN hair
                              Therefore this is not your child =_=
Natsu.... You are such an idiot... (つ_-`)
                              Girl you are amazing!!!! Just like your story *^*!!!!!!  
                              Can you tell me What Furin means?  I can't look for it....
Lissana stop talkin bout ur self like that I mean only we should be able to call a an ugly was beast
So furin is the name of their child...
                              Really?! Affair?! The hell!?