Alpha king's mate .

Alpha king's mate .

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Hipster Baby . By xoxo_pickle_lover Updated Nov 13, 2016

Cheyenne is just a small town wolf. She doesn't care if she finds her mate or not. She's perfectly content training and being with her friends. Plus she doesn't wanna be tied down so young .
But of course like every girl they have them 'all up I they feelings' nights. But don't let her foul you , she's very strong.

Alpha King Marcus is very powerful. Being the alpha of all alphas. He's cruel, heartless and down right dirty. He doesn't give two shits. He attacks packs for no reason. Legend has it he can take an entire pack down by himself in human form. 

Which makes Cheyenne steer clear of the territory line. They are the neighboring pack. Which puts everyone on the edge all the time. 

But what happens at an attack?

sarah-louisa sarah-louisa Feb 27, 2016
Wud she like the man who kills ppl to be with her instead. Uggg!