Your my one and only (A Tadashi x Hiro fanfic)

Your my one and only (A Tadashi x Hiro fanfic)

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nachopanda416 By nachopanda416 Updated Jul 25

(authors note: I've never written a actual fan fiction but here's my first real one with tadashi and hiro!)


Hiro's POV:                                              
It was nine in the morning and I could hear Tadashi working on his next project. "Keep it down" I shouted banging on my wall. "I'm busy." he shouted back. I got up and dragged myself into the kitchen to get some cereal. When I was about to turn around Tadashi ran into me spilling 
my cereal everywhere. "S-sorry Hiro I didn't mean to here let me-" "No it's fine I got it." I bent down to clean it up and Tadashi grabbed my ass. "HEY!" I shouted while blushing. "Oh u-um sorry about that!" He sounded giggly and embarrassed. "Whatever, I'm going back to bed" I sped walked to my room. "What about your cereal! Tadashi yelled from the kitchen. "No thanks!" I shouted back and fell asleep again.

I love when things like this it's sooo funny but crazy when this happens and when ever i read i imagine EVERYTHING so yeah :P
- - Jun 18, 2015
It's pure awesomeness sauce *dips chicks. Nugget in your story * XD