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Mated, Engaged, and In Love With Three Different Wolves

Mated, Engaged, and In Love With Three Different Wolves

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Vera By shesalsoverypretty Updated 5 days ago

"Please!" I cry. "Please, please, stop."
But the man before me does not stop. He doesn't listen. He doesn't understand that I am not a rogue. I am the Alpha's daughter. I have a boyfriend. I also have an overprotective tyrant who is probably looking for me right now. 
I have a mate out there somewhere.

Slow updates, sorry! But I haven't and will not abandon this story. Stay tuned darlings ✨

This confused me slightly til I read the next bit as it is common for omega in werewolf books to be the name given to the lowest in the pack and delta is third in command. It just made me so a double take as I was like "wait if he is an omega how does he have any power over her??"
JamieRoberts2 JamieRoberts2 Apr 16, 2016
How can he do that to his own daughter????? Shouldn't he want her to find and be with her true mate???? What he is doing is just plain wrong!!!!!
What is going on this story why does it keep stopping and jumping
kaitscraze kaitscraze Feb 07, 2016
-_- stupid fathers with there stupid ideas. Like you go to such lengths to protect your daughter, but whose going to protect her from you???
SecondsOfEboni SecondsOfEboni Mar 23, 2016
I mean..if he's cute and nice..bring him you know how long it would take me to find a hot guy who likes me
skyloves16 skyloves16 May 25, 2016
OMG did her dad really just do that.. shouldn't he want her happy with her true mate