The Empire Thief

The Empire Thief

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Olivia C. By TurquoiseScribe Completed

-A Wattpad featured story-

It sounded ridiculous.

Talyx quite likes his life. Living wherever he pleases, doing as he pleases. To survive, anything goes. It's a harsh world, and Tal knows it better than any. He's seen more than his share of it.

But then his world is turned upside down. Tal and his best friend Ferret are abducted. He finds himself faced with a choice: kidnap the heir and start a war with the werewolves in the mountain, or die for his crimes of theft, and lose his friend to the noose.

That's why it sounds so ridiculous, but unfortunately the pair don't have a choice. But then Tal realizes his agreement to the theft against the emperor comes with fatal consequences, putting a child and the country at risk. Tal must reevaluate the value he places on the lives of others, and make the ultimate decision between their lives, and his own.

  • empire
  • friendship
  • life
  • medieval
  • sacrifice
  • sheep
  • shepherds
  • thieves
  • war
  • wattys2016
  • werewolves
Love the concept of shepherds having to fend off werewolves!
northerrnlights_ northerrnlights_ Jul 18, 2017
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iamthesupremo iamthesupremo May 29, 2017
This first chapter deserves more votes! Such a fun read. Will obvsly be reading for more.
Love this beginning! I'm a sucker for anything with snarky thieves. And I like where the story is going.
NatePhilbrick NatePhilbrick May 17, 2017
Can I just say that Ferret is an awesome name for a character? :D
OctaviaLocke OctaviaLocke May 15, 2017
It was a truly fun read! I really like Tal and Ferret. Looking forward to seeing where this goes!  :)