My Escape (KageHina)

My Escape (KageHina)

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Only a nobody. By faithbulen Updated Aug 16

As Kageyama struggles to find sense in his sudden feelings for Hinata and he shows a dark side of his personality is father influenced on him. 

Although knowing Hinata loves him, he can't figure out why. Why would a beautiful, happy, person like Hinata love someone Kageyama? He becomes colder and colder as he begins to feel the same towards Hinata. 

 Though the world around Kageyama was constantly spinning, Hinata seemed to stopped time when he simply looked at him.

komexo komexo Aug 12
I always thought he would be the kinda person that strangely always smells rlly nice
*imagines Kageyama dramatically throwing himself on top of Oikawa*
*drags weird looking heavy ass trash bag*
                              Mom- Honey, what's in that bag??? That doesn't look like trash to me
                              Me- oh just dragging out SOME BULL SHITT THATS NOT FUCKINGG NECESSARY MOM
This smol bean isn't tall enough to slap that man so he stomps on him 😂
just accept who I am I'm not other damn kids I'm myself. Kay?
1RealiTy 1RealiTy Jul 14
What can't you just except that I love yaoi and gay ships mom?!