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Night Fury's Rage

Night Fury's Rage

49.2K Reads 2.4K Votes 20 Part Story
Tierney Belanger By Toothless102 Updated Jun 11, 2015

While Hiccup is unconscious after the Red Death battle Toothless tries to wake him up. He shoots a plasma blast into his face and Hiccup breathes in the fire. A small mark forms on Hiccup's hand, a Night Fury spiraled up. Soon after he wakes up Hiccup develops some...symptoms...

noolin noolin Dec 30, 2016
i have arisen to see the most stupidest comment section before viking-kind.
SkyeNightFury SkyeNightFury Mar 23, 2016
Good story! I hate it when stories have bad grammar, it makes me cringe.
raven_elsa raven_elsa Nov 14, 2016
Wait so this is like a different end part thing to the first movie or what??
BitterSweet_Shade BitterSweet_Shade Nov 13, 2016
Gas pedal
                              Gas pedal
                              Wiggle like you trying to make yo ašš fall off
                              Hella thick I wanna smash 'em all 
                              Now speed up
                              Gas pedal 
                              Gas pedal
                              Gas pedal
                              Gas pedal
Yeah, that is exactly how you wake people up, specially from a coma. You know? That was exactly how my sister woke me up today! She along with my dog fired a plasma blast at my face! Lucky that I am fire proof, uff, if I wasn't... it could have gone wrong.
Areonniell Areonniell Nov 24, 2015
Well I was wondering is that swirl on his hand based off Eragon