Thanatos & Eros and Finding Gods combined

Thanatos & Eros and Finding Gods combined

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Alexa Shelley By Still_living_dead Updated Jan 11, 2011

Thanatos & Eros:

Dear Diary

I start Immortality High today. I'm so excited!!! OMG IT'S GONNA BE MEGA FUN!!!! Not ¬¬ I will be expected to hang out with THEM I refuse to go! I will kick and scream and throw a temper tantrum I don't care! She can't make me!!!! If she does I will erm..... LEAVE!!!!!! RUN AWAY AND GO DOWN THERE!!!!
When Eros starts Immortality High she expects something that can only be described as hell. Until she meets Thanatos, son of death. Soon a bet is made and hearts are broken. This story will mess up your veiw off myths & love.
Finding Gods:

“This is Janet Swan for morning news. I’m at Avery Hospital where last night paramedics brought in a girl who jumped off the roof of the Remington Hotel and survived the 50 storey fall. But that is only the beginning, after rushing her into A&E it was discovered she had no injuries and no medical records they have searched for medical records in other countries databases but none have been found. The patient appears to be about 16 and is now being called Jane Doe until medical records are found.”
A mysterious girl has appeared after jumping of a Hotel roof, she has no medical records and no memory of life before falling. She runs from the hospital and meet's Zoilo, a seemingly ordinary boy & nothing special but this girl feels like she knows him. They become friends and soon weird things start happening, then they find his brother and discover a world only one of them knew of.