My Bestfriend (BxB) - Editing.

My Bestfriend (BxB) - Editing.

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Jason is a quiet, kind, and "A" student. His best friend Spencer, not so much. 

Spencer is a bit rebellious, has anger issues, and he loves teasing his innocent best friend just to see him get all flustered. Oh and let's not leave out the part where Spencer is very possessive of Jason.

So what happens when Jason makes a new friend that basically ruins Spencer's life plans of confessing to his best friend and spending the rest of his life with him? 

 ONTOP of both Spencer and Jason having to deal with their own personal issues, let's just say things get quite aggressive and hectic.

(I suck at descriptions.)

Is there any pictures of what these characters look like ? It really adds to my reading experience lol
- - Jun 16
Please don't stop reacting you genius! listen to me, not yourself are you sure thats what he really means lol sure its for fun right ?... yea
Okay but seriously spencer, he said no p, so stop or he'll charge you with rape and you'll rot in prison
Rafley14 Rafley14 May 14
Spencers POV 
                              "Please, dont stop" I thought in my mind 😂😂😂😂 imagine if author really did that 😂
- - Jun 16
You are his under, of course he's gonna be hard just wait a second