My Bestfriend (BxB) - Editing.

My Bestfriend (BxB) - Editing.

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Jason is a quiet, kind, and "A" student. His best friend Spencer, not so much. 

Spencer is a bit rebellious, has anger issues, and he loves teasing his innocent best friend just to see him get all flustered. Oh and let's not leave out the part where Spencer is very possessive of Jason.

So what happens when Jason makes a new friend that basically ruins Spencer's life plans of confessing to his best friend and spending the rest of his life with him? 

 ONTOP of both Spencer and Jason having to deal with their own personal issues, let's just say things get quite aggressive and hectic.

(I suck at descriptions.)

  • action
  • bestfriend
  • boys
  • boyxboy
  • bxb
  • gay
  • hard
  • jealous
  • love
  • mean
  • perfectionism
  • perfectionist
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--grxzer --grxzer a day ago
This reminds me of today when my 4th period teacher had to call this lady to get this kid and she embarrassed him and made him hold her hand and as they were about to leave she said, "open the door for mommy" and everyone started laughing
TheChill_Pixel TheChill_Pixel 4 days ago
What is that smell? 🤔
                              Oh yeah it’s the smell of hot bull shiet
ifrickinglovefood ifrickinglovefood Dec 27, 2017
I mean I've read the authors hot shots so I'm used to this... anyone else who has read it too will understand lol
TheChill_Pixel TheChill_Pixel 4 days ago
He’s gonna steal his heart too ..
                              And maybe his wallet
dopyboi dopyboi Jan 29
Hes like me friend o.o forcing me to workout with him when i HATE it. But im trying now.... ish..... kinda......