german kisses ❂ muke au {c}

german kisses ❂ muke au {c}

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«I like your accent Lucas.»

«Thanks Michael, I like yours too.»


smilirose smilirose Nov 11
i literally never has an intense study Session, like some vocabulary here and there but that's it, yet i'm like why are my grades constant C's and B's i want A's....
IceyWoo IceyWoo Jul 21
Heh I'm just half German but uh mY LAST NAME IS GERMAN SO UH IM COOL
What Kind of Science? 
                              Bc in Germany You learn Physics, Chemistry, Biology
Damn Luke. You got BROTHER zoned and you haven't even met him yet
Yass endlich finde ich deutsche Autoren auf Wattpad! 
                              Let's be friends!!
Redcutie99 Redcutie99 Mar 14
I legit thought you were a native speaker, your english is so good