Phan is real proof in a book.

Phan is real proof in a book.

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Poppy ♡ By coloursphan Updated Dec 01, 2016

Ships get better with proof! Oh and this is my Phan proof book!!!

Smol pieces of evidence that paint the Phan picture !!!

If you are not a phan shipper, then I respect your opinions, but here is not the place to express them. I hope you understand :)

JustAboutBlurryface JustAboutBlurryface Nov 30, 2016
I get it Dan and Phil are real people and I ship them for fun not to be like "OH SHUT UP THEIR MARRIED" or something if i do say that It's all a big fat joke:D
escapingthisreality escapingthisreality Dec 27, 2016
I actually took a screenshot from that video, on the exact moment it happened. I used the same exact app, and came up with dan a foot away from Phil's face. Not even close to kissing him. It's photoshopped, I'm sorry :P
weird_child14 weird_child14 May 23, 2016
Its fake i could tell right away because dan says boo but doesn't get that close to phil
katey-marie katey-marie Jul 12, 2016
I just checked to see if it was there but nothing happened so I think it was fake
Phan_tardispilots Phan_tardispilots Aug 26, 2016
I downloaded the app, and took about sixteen different screenshots from this part of the video, and brightened it up in snapseed. I can prove this to you that's it's fake
Psychotic-lemon Psychotic-lemon Jun 20, 2016
Dan's face looks weirdly bloated, and they don't really line up.
                              I think this one is fake