Phan is real proof in a book.

Phan is real proof in a book.

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Poppy ♡ By coloursphan Updated Jan 18

Ships get better with proof! Oh and this is my Phan proof book!!!

Smol pieces of evidence that paint the Phan picture !!!

If you are not a phan shipper, then I respect your opinions, but here is not the place to express them. I hope you understand :)

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I ship them, but as like lol, they're so married, rather than OMG PHAN IS REAL I HAVE PROOF!!!1!!!1!!! *inserts picture of them in the same room*
i ship them but i think the shippers who harass them about it and don't shut up about it and are like "OMG PHAN PROOF!!!!!!" and give a photo that says nothing are going way too far and i don't like them much
hellci hellci Nov 30, 2016
I get it Dan and Phil are real people and I ship them for fun not to be like "OH SHUT UP THEIR MARRIED" or something if i do say that It's all a big fat joke:D
- - Feb 26
I feel like it's completely acceptable to ship them, as long as you don't rub it in their faces, and make them feel uncomfortable
watermelon-weeb watermelon-weeb Apr 19, 2016
I agree. If you flood them with "IS PHAN REAL YEAH ITS REAL" we'll have another 2012 on our hands
Psychotic-lemon Psychotic-lemon Jun 20, 2016
I hope Phan is real, and I think it existed at one point of another, maybe even right now, but I don't think it's fair to force them together