My Stalker [Boyxboy]  Book One

My Stalker [Boyxboy] Book One

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Roman Vidrine By Romeo2651 Completed

"You know who I am Tyler. Trust me, you know." My stomach rose up fast as I saw him, her, shim grab hold of the black hood covering his face to where we couldn't see who it was. They slowly took it off and I gasped as they revealed themselves. "HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO US!!" I yelled to them. "YOU RUINED OUR LIVES!!" 


Tyler is your average gay teen. He has wonderful friends, a nice boyfriend. Everything is perfect. Well, that was what he thought. After that party, his whole world turned upside down. Someone is out to get him. They're watching his every move. It could be anyone. Hiding in plain sight...

Thank you guys so much for the reads and votes! I didn't expect this book to grow so big. This makes me so happy even though I wrote it when I was 13, which was two years ago... Anyways, enjoy!

jiminwifie jiminwifie Mar 06, 2016
What the hèll if hes real,y yours, then u wouldnt hurt him priçk!
Powie-cute Powie-cute Jul 05, 2016
There's only one other person (besides your boyfriend) who heard you say that you're going to the party and that's Ben. I'm calling him out right now. (Unless someone was spying on them)
TobiasxEvergreen TobiasxEvergreen May 26, 2016
This person said "fabulous outfit" I like them either there a stalker or not
Powie-cute Powie-cute Jul 05, 2016
Ever thought that a stalker might like you? No?.. . ... .. Well, you can now.
pic_yazar pic_yazar 6 days ago
I am 19 and i still throw parties for my birthday is it wrong?
VirgoM08 VirgoM08 May 27, 2016
Gosh dang man XD You didn't have to do all that. Bet it's painful.