Orphans #Wattys2015

Orphans #Wattys2015

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Liam Mullen By LiamMullen Completed

A Larry Lir mystery.

Three Cuban orphans appeal to Larry Lir to help them following the sudden death of their parents. Lir, a direct descendent of the Children of Lir, is no ordinary twelve year old. In his work as a PI, he employs every power at his disposal, including the powers of black magic to help overcome his adversaries.

His adversaries in this tale are led by the ruthless Da Silva, who will stop at nothing to achieve his aims.

Much of Orphans has been written, including the ending, and its being entered onto this publishing platform in stages. It is envisaged that the book will contain twenty five chapters of approximately 2,000 words. 

Orphans is a story about orphans: Larry Lir is an orphan, and so are the three Cuban children at the heart of the story. Even their adversary, Da Silva, is an orphan.

Underlying the story there is an important message about basic press freedoms, something the author is passionate about since receiving professional qualifications in journal

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