Tearing My Sanity {A Harmione Fanfiction}

Tearing My Sanity {A Harmione Fanfiction}

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Ever since Ron had broke her heart, Hermione began to notice other boys. Seamus Finnigan. Dean Thomas. Neville Longbottom. 

Even... even Harry. Harry, with his untidy black hair, his striking face with the dark features, his green eyes, his warm personality. Hermione had always thought of him as a brother, but now that she actually started noticing boys, she noticed Harry as well. But she couldn't like Harry, not while he and Ginny liked each other. Hermione, even though it may have saddened her, hoped that they would get together. Ginny seemed to make Harry happy whenever she was around, and all Hermione wanted was Harry to be happy. They were best friends, after all. 

Hermione stared at her book, not reading at all. She was supposed to be studying, but she couldn't do it. Everything from her love life to You-Know-Who absorbed her thoughts. 

She wished she could block it all out. All of it, the torn heart, the stress of You-Know-Who, the developing crush on Harry, the lingering heartbreak over Ron. It was just tearing her sanity.

muffin4tw muffin4tw Jul 06
I'm just picturing the fire literally cackling merrily like "ahAfghrahahaAHadhaha -snort- crahahaAhHahahaA"
Yeah Ronald, you're daydreaming about how you're gonna break Hermione's heart.
fantasyfan38 fantasyfan38 Feb 01, 2016
This is a fantastic story so far! You're writing is really great too! I can't wait to enjoy more of this.
dementialove dementialove Jun 21, 2016
That's literally my favorite password ever,  if it wasn't so long,  it'd be my phone password... (my phone password is the pass code to enter the ministry of magic... Don't judge me.)
LiveLoveKpop3 LiveLoveKpop3 Oct 26, 2015
I loved it l love Harry and Hermione together OMG☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
ScarlettTeebs ScarlettTeebs Sep 02, 2015
what's going on .... apparently Hermione likes Harry AND Ron...? I'm confused