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Our Fate [A BTS Jungkook Fanfiction] #Wattys2016

Our Fate [A BTS Jungkook Fanfiction] #Wattys2016

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Kyungsoo By sherylfluffy Updated Sep 04, 2016

Lee Hana is an average schoolgirl. She studies hard to the point where most students, or all to be exact, hate her. They call her rude names, laugh at her, bully her or even beat her up. There is this one group, the youngest from the group who hates her a lot. That group is called Bangtan Boys(BTS).


"Why are you always treating me like that! Stop bullying me! Please, I'm really sad and scared to be in this environment. Please don't add on to my stress. I know everyone hates me, but please, Jungkook. Please leave me alone. I promise not to appear in front of you, even if I do, I'll try to run away."

Looking at her back view, he sighed.
"But I am starting to like you, Lee Hana."


Hey readers! I'm back with my second book! The main character is Jungkook, the golden maknae! Since BTS is one of the groups I like, I'll write a story about them! Hope you guys would enjoy reading my book!

P.S: Whatever said in the description(here) will not be mentioned in the story. It will be expressed in a different way. I suck at descriptions so, just read the story! Sorry if the description is said in a different way.

I am the same even my teacher called my mom a thousand times telling her that I always talk in class and I am arguing with her when I'm not although I do talk
English man you got 4/100 boi lol 
                              One of the arcade game they did in v app lol
_veuiae _veuiae Sep 04, 2016
ok but if my teacher asked this in class i would be kind of pissed off bc who confesses that in front of the whole class?
I don't find jimin sexy either 😂 he fits the cute image more
-mochimilk -mochimilk Nov 04, 2016
You forgot this part:
                              He is nicknamed 'God of Destruction' since he breaks everything he touches (ie: doorknobs, toothbrush stand, sunglasses, fridge door) and causes problems.
When u know some of exo will me in here and u like yasss it's try