His Possessive Pursue (18+)

His Possessive Pursue (18+)

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It's a secret By AphrodisiacHaze Updated Apr 29, 2016

“I’ve already seen you naked, love. Don’t be shy now.” 

I scoffed and rolled my eyes at his sarcastic tone and release my towel, not caring a single bit that his eyes traced every inch of my naked skin, watching every single move I made. Okay, I lied; I did care but I wasn’t going to let him get the upper hand, thinking I was a damsel in distress who needed saving because I wasn’t.

When I’m done covering myself with an oversized t-shirt, I walked to my vanity table and brushed my hair. “I’m not going to bother asking you on how you get my address because that would be a waste of time. So instead, I’m going to ask you this. Why are you here?”

I stared straight to his alluring dark eyes through his reflection in my mirror as he answered, “Because I want you.”

missyred101619 missyred101619 Sep 04, 2016
......sounds like something that would come from Dora😂😂😂😂
Day-Dreamer101 Day-Dreamer101 Sep 07, 2016
I have that. I do pee my pants sometimes, when someone wants to take their sweet ass time in the bathroom. When I have to go, I have to go. Sometimes even moving when I have to pee makes me pee. 😣😓😢
Cannykid Cannykid May 16, 2016
And hello~! Did someone forget the-maybe-he's-a-mafia theory..
snatural-dwho-shlock snatural-dwho-shlock Jul 10, 2016
Haha yhe guy looks like hes getting head. He probably is though
Misssophia527 Misssophia527 May 17, 2016
Just because they have a certain job doesn't make them bitches... Bit stereotypical and judgemental 😟
FallingForSociety FallingForSociety Jun 07, 2015
the chapter was FLAWLESS I LOVE IT *-* I'm obsessed with your book pls continue