One Shots ⚣

One Shots ⚣

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Brendon Weekes By CockyLilo Updated Aug 15

This is basically just really gay one shots (that normally stretch out to like 4 parts so it's more like four-shots but whatever) that I write whenever I get bursts of gayness that I need to share with the handful of people that read.



[Whatever ship that you desire,However smutty you want it,kinks included,fluffy cutesy time,MPREGS etc]

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starkquill starkquill Jun 19
hey, can we still request? if so, then i would like to request this one; 
                              ship: ironhusbands/rhodeytony
                              description: post captain america: civil war fluff, rhodey comforts tony when he's having another nightmare about steve beating him up.
- - Jun 26, 2015
So, Ziam please?  Smut, please.  However hardcore you want. ;) -Vee
lovely_innocence lovely_innocence Jun 24, 2015
Could you do one where like Harry or Liam are watching Lou while Zayn and the other boys are having a meeting and Lou has another heat and one of the other boys has to take care of him while Zayn and the others are at a meeting?
lirrytops-nouis lirrytops-nouis Jun 12, 2015
OMG can you do a lilo one with drug dealer Liam and super submissive loud I
itslikegroovy itslikegroovy Jun 11, 2015
Can you do another Nouis? :/ except...can Louis be Dom????? Do you mind?
itslikegroovy itslikegroovy Jun 11, 2015
Ok ok so...say you did add this to the would you like work around it?