Unchained | Hiatus

Unchained | Hiatus

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Jenni By CoyoteQueen Updated Sep 17, 2013

What is it, exactly, that draws people to the 80s?

The year is 1986. Van Halen has replaced David Lee Roth with Sammy Hagar, pop stars like Madonna and Prince are at the top of the charts, and almost everyone is having a good time over in LA. Enter Brandi Emery, native to Arnold, California. Born and raised in a quaint town hours from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood, Brandi is surprised by the speed at which Los Angeles moves when she gains the courage to pursue her dream of being a musician on California's famous Sunset Strip. In what seems like no time at all, her singing skills draw a crowd and she gets signed by one of the most prosperous music companies in LA. They put her in Sinner, an all-girl metal band, and they quickly rise to star status on their seductive looks and hard, raunchy tunes. 

Some time after the formation of Sinner, the press begins to point out womanly flaws in the band not unlike they did of Ann Wilson's weight in Heart. Man-based tabloids begin begging the question, "How far could a band of WOMEN go?", starting a forest fire of sexist journalists. Brandi and her band members become oppressed by people they thought were their fans. The word "women" becomes more and more vile with every newspaper, and eventually Sinner's reputation as a girl metal band is horrific. The band's original manager and producers quit and Sinner is left as just a memory.

That is, until Brandi brings it back. Now 1989, Brandi and long time boyfriend Micheal Alexander of his own band, Spütnic, are out on the hunt for a new company. Eventually they find a reliable catch and Brandi re-ensembles Sinner, this time with no fear of fighting the tabloids and sexist journalists. 

Throughout her entire musical journey, Brandi has met musicians she'd never dream of meeting, slept with men she doesn't even remember, and drank so much she lost three days. Join Brandi in her struggle to prove that Lady Rockers can be just as great as men.

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