Life of a Hitachiin Maid [Twins X OC's] [OHSHC] [VERY OLD]

Life of a Hitachiin Maid [Twins X OC's] [OHSHC] [VERY OLD]

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[A VERY OLD story of mine with bad writing , weird scenes , dramatic scenes and mostly bad things overall, but I love it and I can't bring myself to delete it. Read at your own risk! I have newer work out that's better then this. If you love this story, then thank you so much for loving this old thing despite its many flaws, haha!]

Asa and Kishi Suzuki are twins.They were always together since at the age of nine they ran away from home to make their parents life easy.

For years they have always only had each other.Stealing food,clothing from shopping malls and hardly getting away.Everything changed when they met Hikaru and Kaoru's father and mother..their mother and father made them become their maid!

They start going to school with Hikaru and Kaoru and begin this new adventure.
((Note:This is one of my older crappier stories.I have many other better and newer Ouran stories if you want to read them.))

I though you were azu because you give enough hint in the first scene of this chapter
tori_303 tori_303 Feb 21, 2016
Is this supposed to be the tale of the twin maids in the anime? I just thought cause, you know...
iluvfloweys iluvfloweys Jul 08, 2016
I just hate when boys say that in general. 
                              But there r them boi's who r nice and just perfect 😍
Read_Write_Edit Read_Write_Edit Jun 29, 2016
The people who take pity on her should have offered her and her sister a place to stay
Bitch no get some sex toys if you want but dont play with them....
geeksgivecuggles geeksgivecuggles Apr 12, 2016
lmao when whore is considered a swear word..
                              whelps guess my language is absolutely terrible xD