Almost Normal

Almost Normal

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Zenovia By Zenovia99 Completed

Everyone has a story to tell, for me, this was just the beginning, and it all started with him. The boy with the emerald eyes had me captivated with every breath he took. With every gaze I stole from him, he was stealing my heart without even realizing it. There's no stopping what's to come. All I know is this, we all have an ending in our story. Whether that's to be the hero who saves the princess or to be the lost boy, never to find his home again. Which ever ending we have, I only know this, I wouldn't mind if Eren was mine.

This is a love story about two college boys who just happen to find love on the train ride to Almost Normal. 

Warning: In later chapters of this story there will be triggers, mild smut, swearing, self harm, and depressed characters.

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issa-armindillo issa-armindillo Sep 16, 2017
More like, "My shitty ideas that won't stop bothering me until I go to write them down but then I forget them."
satans_emo_polarbear satans_emo_polarbear Jun 17, 2017
Its so awkward when you grab the wrong things I almost felt the awkwardness in this paragraph that I skipped it my teacher once accidentally grabbed my water bottle and drank it all and im just like BOI-I MEAN GIRL
jesusisnotonfire jesusisnotonfire Oct 07, 2016
it's late at night, I'm straining my eyes, I'm sick af of life, here we go baby
4thevampires 4thevampires Jun 07, 2016
Ah.. I love adorable couples... I'm still listening to Falling Slowly and it makes everything better. Thank you author
DaStarburstGuy DaStarburstGuy Jun 21, 2016
I mean, its not a bad song. Kinda depressing tho. You should listen to some Boston
Forgotten-Cows Forgotten-Cows Jun 28, 2016