Life's Little Curve Ball

Life's Little Curve Ball

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LaceAndDaisies By LaceAndDaisies Updated Apr 18

Lacey Chapman doesn't do one-night stands. She's an ordinary college graduate having a night out on the town for her best friend's bridal shower. But in this bar, she will get hopelessly drunk and will come face-to-face with the very handsome and very single Kole Fischer, center fielder for the St. Louis Cardinals. 

Lacey will cast all of her morals aside for just one night and allow the sexy baseball player to seduce her in a way she never has been before. Little does she know that this one-time exception will cost, not only her, but Kole as well in a way neither of them was prepared for.

Follow these two as they figure out how to work as a team to deal with life's little curve ball.

Self_Taught Self_Taught Feb 01
Yes because judging from the photo on the cover of this book you really shouldn't do this.
elp109 elp109 Feb 01
Just to clarify this guy is a fictional character right!?? Like he's not real,, or is he!? IDK not a huge baseball fan so I'm just wondering lol.. Great start!! Excited to read more 😀
SHE CAN STILL GET PREGNANT MOFO .. there's a whole friggin book about her getting preggers
I was hooked on the prologue  and that was of him to ask "are u on ur period" and" are u sure u want to do this"
yoginim yoginim Feb 18
Cutest cover ever. I just kept staring at it until my sister came and next thing you know we were both staring : )
Someone who probably taken a girl home just to find out she's on her period.what guys what's to have sex with a girl who he doesn't know on her period