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Love is blind L. S. Mpreg. Book number 1

Love is blind L. S. Mpreg. Book number 1

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Indi ! By indiloveslarry Completed

This is the first book in this series. Harry has been blind since birth. It was inevitable. No matter how hard Anne and Robin tried to find a doctor who might be able to fix his sight, it was all in vain. There was nothing they could do. As Harry grew up, he realized he was different from other kids. He couldn't go outside to play, he couldn't even walk around without one of his parents hovering over his shoulder. He had always wanted to just be normal. To be able to see, and participate in activities kids his age did. As he went into high school, many kids had started to find their omegas, betas, and alphas. But no one wanted him. He was blind, he couldn't protect his mate. He couldn't even protect his children if he had any. And an alpha without the ability to protect his family might as well not have been an alpha in the first place. He always got teased for it. He would never find an omega. But his mind was changed once Louis came into his life. 

Credit to my friend @larryislouisxharry for making the cover to me

Love pitbulls and staffordshires. I actually have a staffordshire mix, named kodi (Cody, but we wanted to make it unique
indiloveslarry indiloveslarry Sep 24, 2016
@KloodYa another bad word 😉😜 but yeah Stacy is an amazing character
PikaStoran PikaStoran Nov 15, 2016
                              Alex Centa
                              Noooooo No No
                              Sorry but the only Alex I know but he ISN'T like that, he's amazing-he's youtuber
herpaderp_1 herpaderp_1 Dec 05, 2016
Yeah Anne cuz your blind son is going to be able to pick out a cake. Send Stacy with the note for one
ProudSelenatorC ProudSelenatorC Jun 02, 2015
I really want to read more of it. It looks like a really good fanfic :)