I'm Delirious! ( H2ODelirious x Reader )

I'm Delirious! ( H2ODelirious x Reader )

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 Your Point Of View
Tomorrow was going to be my birthday. 
Today I'm Sixteen year old, tomorrow a Seventeen year old.
 How my birthday started.
 All through out the whole day I've had someone either ignore me or yell at me for no damn reason and so that's when I messed it all up by getting suspended from school because of a fight.

 How could life get better for me? 

Couldn't, Right?

I walked lazily down the street to some random cafe I'd like to hang out at, but as I walked in, there he was, one of my favorite YouTubers of all Youtubers.

 Vanoss or also known as Evan having a talk with a man who seemed to have blue eyes. Being the person I am at the moment I just ordered, sat down and thought. 

Then I heard someone walk over to my table and then tapped my shoulder. 

"Aren't you supposed to be in school or something?"

So his name is jonathen..
                              The more you know..
                              ROUND THE OUTSIDE
                              ROUND THE OUTSIDE
Suzen4u Suzen4u Aug 15
I like the wrappers with the happy faces. So you can smile when you see a present wrapped In happy faces.
I heard Eminem and Bromance by Ryan Higa started playing in my mind