I Would Wait A Thousand Years To Be With You

I Would Wait A Thousand Years To Be With You

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Dipper Pines had been held captive in California, with his twin sister Mabel, for years. Band from Gravity Falls by their parents, the twins become dull and frankly depressed, restricted by society. 

But when their seventeenth birthday rolls around, they're given one wish each by their parents. Which, of course, is to return to the place they felt happiest. 

Gravity Falls. 

But when Dipper finds out someone's been waiting for him, things get a little more complicated. So complicated even his own sister can't seem to help him out of it. 

All the pictures in this book belong to their rightful owner, of course.

In yo face parents! He likes gravity falls more than his own house!
What it's like having birthday present? I never get anything for my birthday for 3 years
IlluminaDee IlluminaDee Oct 21
who else thought of MandoPony's GF song called Home when he said that?
For Mabel and me. Grammar, Clover. 
                              (No hate I just love the Ford quote)
How this conversation should have ended: You F-ing douchę bags said anything! You motherfücking liars! (At least that's what I would have done)
I swear to god I thought that said she stabbed me in the arm