Tear In My Heart:  Ashton Irwin  AU

Tear In My Heart: Ashton Irwin AU

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He was out of this world. A force not to be reckon with, yet all at the same time, he was ethereal. 

My brother never followed the rules. He never ever thought to shut his overly sized mouth, which was unfortunate for me. "Your mom told me I was twice the man you are last night." He said with a smirk.

Ash countered that with a flare in his gaze that would've shot down an confidence I had at alarming speed. "Well, I don't remember sleeping with your mom," he leant closer so that his tone could be hushed to a whisper, "but your sister calls me Daddy all night long." 


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lucyhollander lucyhollander Apr 03, 2018
I was born with a hole in my heart! My dad has 3, he had 2 covered up though
theartsypizza theartsypizza Apr 21, 2018
Bitch stop complaining my full name is Andrea Hedge Ježovnik so please
I was born with one it closed when I was 5 they said I would have to get surgery if it didn’t close and my last appointment before the surgery it was closed