Summer love (Septiplier)

Summer love (Septiplier)

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I walk out of my motel im renting for the summer. I step on my balcony and look down from it. Mexico is beutiful this time of year, and there is a great veiw of the beach. "Maybe i can go down there tonight." I say mumbling to myself. Hopefully there are others on vacation, and i heard some people are making a bonfire tonight. 

I should probably get ready then. No doubt im gonna wanna swim. 

Jack got into his bathroom and put on some deodorant and tanning lotion on. He combed his hair, and put on some swimming trunks and a tank top. Ready to go he grabbed a sports bag, and put a t shirt, and towel in it. Along with his keys, wallet, and phone. 

I made my way on the dusty paved road down to the beach. A couple of girls giggled and waved at me as i walked by shouting things like 'I like your eyes papi." It kindof got annoying, and some people just said white boy and stuff. I get it...

HelenaCLemon HelenaCLemon Oct 05, 2016
the fire was consuming the it? what the it?
                              sorry it was just funny
TheJaniMarki TheJaniMarki Sep 10, 2016
Merk...just...go to the Boy Scouts meeting and come back when you know you can't light a wet stick on fore
celiakiss celiakiss Aug 05, 2016
The reason people call him Jack is because Sean is the Scottish spelling of John and a nickname for John is Jack.
larrycumm larrycumm Jul 09, 2016
You where mine for the summer
                              Now we know its nearly over
                              Feels like snow in September
                              But I always will remember
                              You were myyyyyyyt summer love
jm9651785 jm9651785 2 days ago
When I read the tittle of the book I thought summer nights in greece
blue_phangirl blue_phangirl Oct 09, 2016
That's literally impossible he is the whitest human being ever