Mercy [Spideypool]

Mercy [Spideypool]

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Mercy is not in Deadpool's vocabulary. Well, that was before he met Peter Parker. A 17 year old photographer who knew a little too much. 

Deadpool was hired to kill a 17 year old student. This student happen to dig his nose into trouble and find out things that will kill him.

Peter Parker knew he didn't want to die, so he begged and pleaded until he negotiated a deal with the Mercenary. 

Now Peter Parker is practically a maid and Deadpool's sidekick. Deadpool thinks this kid whines too much and is a total nuisance. Maybe this nerd and joke of a sidekick will warm Deadpool's cold heart?

[Spideypool AU]

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Wade wade waaaaade... Baby, please... There are probably over a thousand fan girls/ fan boys who'd want ur fine asś.
*reads in one hand, other hand lightly taps a button... "That was easy..."
Me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAA!!! Not in from of big daddy he's not!
Flash = hoe
                              Peter + Deadpool = SPIDEYPOOL FOREVER BIOTCHES!!!
I've said that to my teacher before. Let's just say I got detention for a whole week. But it was so worth it!😂
Deadpool has the greatest dialogue of any superhero/super villian/mercenary out there. Also the whole 4th wall think is beautiful