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What Is It With You

What Is It With You

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supernatural-fanfic By supernatural-fanfic Updated Jan 03

Sara James is your normal 19 year old girl(almost)her medical condition made it where she had to be homeschooled with not much money for her family to go on after the hospital bills came in but she was still happy (in her own way) she spent her time online,watching tv,reading and enjoying her favorite show(supernatural)she always dreamed of meeting the cast but mostly Jensen Ackles then it happen the day she was dreaming of her parents some how managed to get her a ticket to a convention so next thing she knew she was flying out to finally get to meet them.It was just as she imagined fans everywhere hundreds of things to do and all the favorite cast member were there,she was having the time of her life and then she finally got to meet Jensen and everything as she knew it would change after that moment on.The star finds something different about this girl and that something different he really liked and wanted it know more about this not so normal girl.This is a Jensen Ackles love story

Pop_TV Pop_TV Jun 10, 2015
I always think the same thing lol and yeah true I guess I'll have to move to Texas and hope to run into Jensen and Jared there lol and no problem!!!
supernatural-fanfic supernatural-fanfic Jun 10, 2015
I am just like "people's I am moving to California I am done with this crap!!" Lol I wish I could but after watching San Andreas I am not so sure now lol awwwwwww thank you soooo much like you don't know how much that means to me!!!!! Thank you!!! @Pop_TV
supernatural-fanfic supernatural-fanfic Jun 10, 2015
I know! I am a Tennessee girl so I know somewhat the feeling!!!! So do you like the story so far? It's not my best work but this next chapter the fourth one should be very good! @Pop_TV