Teasing the Badboy (slowly editing)

Teasing the Badboy (slowly editing)

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elizabeth By byth3sea Completed

Emma just moved from Las Vagas  to Florida. She starts school and Austin ,the badboy, starts to have interest in her. But she never says yes. She never says no. Emma just teases him. But how long can she without falling in love.


Cover has been changed

Going through editing so parts may be changed

This story is  very very old and a lot of it sucks or doesn't make sense

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kimg03 kimg03 Dec 06, 2017
Okay stop cause now I’m imagining her one of this bitchyyy ass annoying girls that think their the shitttt!!!!!
Morghan_0150 Morghan_0150 Sep 09, 2017
I just had Pizza for dinner........, GIRL ARE YOU A NEW MEMBER OF THE ILLUMINATI!? 🔺
chimichangababy chimichangababy May 01, 2017
That's what the last girl said but look at her now a husband and mother of 4 children . Why because this is wattpad and anything can happen
Bitch be thankful if I was you and my mom told me that I would be sound a mf victory dance in this mf
MidnightPanther2010 MidnightPanther2010 Feb 02, 2016
I have crushes on a lot of boys. Maybe six, but 3 have crushes on me. Only one being one I like, though.
jocelyn_9504 jocelyn_9504 Feb 19, 2017
She didn't capitalize the t in the next boy and you can't start a sentence with but but it's alright it's a good story I read it twice nice job 😊