Nash and Cameron's Sex Slave.

Nash and Cameron's Sex Slave.

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GawdxNash By GawdxNash Updated Jun 05, 2015

Victoria Kade.

"Victoria Get your ugly ass down here!" My stepdad yelled.

My mom and dad got divorced when I was seven years old, My mom married some guy named Jayden Janes. He's a complete asshole. A couple months after my mom and Jayden got married my mom died in a car wreck, and I seriously think Jayden had something to do with it.

"Coming!" I yelled back 

I ran downstairs and saw two guys my age. I looked at them, and they were fairly attractive. 

"Victoria. These are your new owners." Jayden said.

"Owners?" I said. "I sold you to these two boys." He said. WHA-" Jayden cut me off. "Go get your bags packed." He said. 

I opened my mouth to say something. But once again getting cut off by Jayden. "GO!" He yelled. I ran upstairs and packed all my things mumbling cuss words under my breath.

I went downstairs the guy with brown hair and brown eyes took my bags. And the one with the blue eyes kept checking me out. He grabbed my hand, And led me to the car. But before I left the do...

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sweetkeem21 sweetkeem21 Aug 25, 2017
I have a very unusual name....... A very weird one but also quite.. unique.
Cuddlypuppy2 Cuddlypuppy2 Jul 24, 2017
I would've been like I'm not doing it! Zero percent chance that is going to happen
readinglover1023 readinglover1023 May 26, 2017
I would choose an Endless supply of chicken and watermelon over sex with cash.
                              Sorry black instincts
tomi_angel2 tomi_angel2 Jul 14, 2017
How is her answer oh, like I would've started balling 😭😭😭
mandyjxra mandyjxra Nov 01, 2016
I'll do it with every Magcon guy...  No slut but just saying 😂
mandyjxra mandyjxra Nov 01, 2016
Oh...  Really bitch?!  😂 I'll jump out that car like it's a James Bond movie, and run like KFC gives free chicken 15000 miles away✌️