Saving Bucky  Bucky Barnes X Reader

Saving Bucky Bucky Barnes X Reader

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Chrissy Rayland By WaterOfLife202 Completed

A Bucky Barnes fanfiction written shortly after the Winter Soldier.

You are a under appreciated counselor at SHEILD. When you are kidnapped by Hydra, you are placed in the same cell as Bucky Barnes, or as he is more commonly known as, the Winter Soldier. Even though at first he is cold and distant. You both begin to bond and over time, friendship turns to love. 

UNDER EDITING. I will be editing this story very slowly but it has to be done.

jubie1234 jubie1234 Aug 27
Can you do a sequel where the reader is kidnapped by Hydra and is stronger than Bucky and is the new fist of Hydra  and can shape shift into any animal
AmateurRiddles AmateurRiddles Jan 29, 2016
I love this line, and I love that she cried with the Cap. over Bucky
AmateurRiddles AmateurRiddles Jan 29, 2016
Thank you for all the good grammar and proper sentence structure, by the way
foxface9000 foxface9000 Jun 15, 2016
I can do that, one time I was sitting with my friend in complete silence and we were both reading and something seemed off. all I said was "youre not ok." and he broke down sobbing and turns out he was being bullied.
YourDarkBloodAngel YourDarkBloodAngel May 06, 2016
I can do that to, sometimes it kinda freaks me out, that I know someone's inside emotion.
RunRoseTyler RunRoseTyler Jun 13, 2016
My family is into that spiritual mumbo-jumbo, and they seem to think I have that (it's called being and empath) because I knew when my dad was going to go off on one of his rage fits....