A cowboys only home, A cowgirls new prision

A cowboys only home, A cowgirls new prision

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CowgirlofMidwest By CowgirlofMidwest Updated Feb 25, 2015

As i walked back to my truck, a low click of boots were behind me. Then a heavy breath sent cold shivers down my spine. As a sharp pain hit wen straight into the the back of my head, I fell to the ground. As  I woke up a dark shadow was over me. The concerte floor was cold and rock hard.

I had no idea where i was and the shadow moved out of the room and the door open. The light outside was dim, but had a glow to it. My thoughts raced as i tired to get up and run to the door as it slamed shut. 

My wirst hurt from the chains around them. My boots were in the corner of the room set neatly together.

"Where the hell am i?" I thought out loud. I was confused and remember the sharp pain that i had in my head. 

THen a Deep voice said" I am sorry about the rude way i had to get here." The door begin to open again. " Here let me get the cuffs off you. I'm so sorry for my brothers rude way to have you."

" Who are you guys? Why am i here? Who the hell hit me in the back in the head? Oh, and a...

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CowgirlofMidwest CowgirlofMidwest Jul 31, 2011
@cowgirl-98 well thanks for the advice i hope you like the story and well it will all make sense ferther down the story line