BTS Oneshots

BTS Oneshots

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Mae 'c' By MonokuroNeko Updated Jul 30

Feel free to request a ship (especially if I haven't written much of it yet) or theme and I'll try my best to write something to your liking~

Thanks to cheejicake for the cover ♥

I hope you enjoy reading these!

I swear if he takes his nap and Taehyung or Hoseok wakes him up or something, you know how that's gonna down. Even he cursed when someone (I think Hobi) woke him up from his nap like o shet
One of the cutest yoonmin storys i've ever written! Thank you so much for writing this! *~*
mybabyyoongi mybabyyoongi Sep 08, 2015
I love you a lot, author-nim, this was incredibly cute and lovely and fabulous and my heart is melting.
yoongied_min yoongied_min Aug 27, 2015
oh my god! what's in the paper?? i'm dying to knoww. author-nim~~~~~
blahblahot12 blahblahot12 Jul 30, 2015
Bruh atleast leave kookie in charge! We all know that yoongi's taking one of his famous naps and atleast out of the members that are awake kookies the most mature one XD
Redrooi Redrooi Jun 21, 2015
For writing this, I love you Author-nim! I think you've turned my heart into a marshmallow with this~