Daddy's Home (Barney Stinson x Reader)

Daddy's Home (Barney Stinson x Reader)

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Jerika Shelton By BarneyStinLegendary Updated Dec 15, 2015

Reader's POV

Ah McLaren's, such a wonderful place... Or at least that's what I've heard from my friends. Ya see, I'm kinda new to NYC but my friends aren't and they've been giving me tours around town. And I already love it here! I've only been here a couple of weeks but who cares. 

So anyway, back to the story, my two gal pals and I had walked in and settled into a round booth near the back. "Hello there, I'm Wendy the Waitress. Do you guys want any drinks or food?" A nice lady with black hair came up to us. I looked to (best friend's name) and (other friend name) and they ordered two beers. "Uh, just a plain Scotch for me please." Wendy nodded while she smiled and wrote everything down. She looked back up, "If you want more drinks, go up to the bar and order. Any food today?"

"Just (favorite appetizer)." (O/f) ordered. "Kay, I'll have those right out." She turned and left, "Thank you!" I called out. I watched her walk over to anothet booth and stood next to a blonde sitting in a c...

                              KERRI: Punches shoulder 
                              Me: sorry, hi,  I'm WiFi the Wolf
1: I  love star wars
                              2: I love New York so much that my room in New York themed 
                              3: I LOVE YOUR FANFIC SO MUCH
I've been at Kentucky Arkansas Pennsylvania and North Carolina oh and Florida! I have lived at all states
Dude, I've got at least three Star Wars shirts, seven Harry Potter ones, and five Ghostbusters shirts. I always wear my fandoms proudly.
I swear to glob I'm not lying I watched that episode earlier today
MMYoosung MMYoosung Dec 01, 2015
It's Legen- wait for it, wait for it. I hope you're not lactose and tolerant because the next part of this word is-dairy.