Me and My Step-Brother [step-brotherxstep-sister]

Me and My Step-Brother [step-brotherxstep-sister]

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Ciara By HowToBeAWallflower Updated Jan 15, 2015

Me and My Step-Brother


Hell-ooo! (Like my Marcus Butler impression??? :D) 

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1 - New Family

<flashback - five years ago>

'Get out of this house!'

I open my eyes and look up, trying to adjust to the darkness of the room. Who is Mum shouting at?

'Go on, get out you cheap slut!'

I hear the door slam. I bite my lip, mentally debating weather to get up or not.

'And as for you-'

'Amelia, just let me explain-' my father's deep voice intervenes.

'Shut up! You can leave as well. Go on, get out!'


'And don't get your hopes too high about seeing the kids too often either! I hate you! GET OUT!!!!!'

I gape at the darkness. I've never heard my mum speak so angrily, her voice so full of hate. I've never heard my father speak in such dispair, such fear.

'Your kids are upstairs and you're shagging another woman...

Wish I had the courage to tell this to my dad, I need to take notes
bbg_ari_13 bbg_ari_13 May 21
I've heard about it but never bother to read it cause I'm more into pll and the lying game books
I love GTA! Don't judge me! I'm a proud girly gamer. PLZ someone agree with me.
TheBlueMoonStone TheBlueMoonStone Nov 12, 2016
They're not step siblings, they're HALF siblings since they came from the same father
XxlollythestriplerxX XxlollythestriplerxX Aug 09, 2015
Well damn, she really murkin a niqqa, I like her already! ooh killem
karmchale01 karmchale01 Dec 21, 2014
Trevor...he's my fav character 
                              He's such a nasty old man 
                              It's hilarious