Water balloons = Love <3

Water balloons = Love <3

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samiiXx By samiiXx Updated Oct 23, 2010

Water  Balloons = Love <3

Hayden is an ordinary preppy teenager. She's head cheerleader, dates jocks and hates ALL skaters , until one day an skater named Trey decides to rebel and bomb the cheerleaders. At first Hayden is horrified and angry until she sees Trey for him and not a stereotype. 

How will Hayden get Trey to love her back when their mortal enemies?

 Their friends hate each other??

 Does Trey think of her as a preppy sank??



- Real blond hair shoulder length and a side fringe

- Baby blue eyes with freckles 

- Natural light tan 

- Great body but has to work for it

AGE: 17

GRADE: 11 - smart but doesn't bother with trying


- Jolene and Jobe Winters 

- Jobe works a lot all over the globe as an agent

- Jolene loves to travel with Jobe '

- Hayden's parents were never home much after Hayden turned 13, she had her nanny Fran take care of her

ADRESS: 134 Cobden Drive 


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