Broken Misery (H.Styles Fanfic)

Broken Misery (H.Styles Fanfic)

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A Dark Harry Styles fanfiction

Sequel to Misery Loves Company

The doorknob starts shaking and turning, a key being shoved in the lock. My eyes are lost in the mop of curls walking in the house, his lips attached to a blond chick who has her legs wrapped tightly around his waist. 

"Ay, dios mio!" the girl moans loudly in Spanish. He simply responds by crashing his lips harder onto hers. 

I stay frozen in the kitchen doorway, watching the scene in horror as Alfie screams my name in the phone. While neither of them has noticed my presence, the lights being still off and the TV muted, he doesn't waste his time snapping his head towards me when I tell Alfie, "I'm gonna call you back." 
The girl whines when Harry drops her onto her feet, but his shocked expression is undeniable. "Elena?" 

"Hi, Harry."

I'm back


Warning this Story contains Mature content and Strong Language Readers Advised!

Credit goes to KathrynBarbie!

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daddysink daddysink Jul 23, 2015
I'm loving it. I've understood why the first chapter was confusing:D. Have fun in Spain xxx
daddysink daddysink Jul 19, 2015
Omg, it's going down for real!! I can't to read Harry's pov. I just want them to clear the things and be happy for once