A World Without Colour. -On Hold. Don't know how long for- (Destiel Soulmate AU)

A World Without Colour. -On Hold. Don't know how long for- (Destiel Soulmate AU)

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secretfangirl98 By secretfangirl98 Updated Apr 29, 2016

When your born you see no colour, but when you first touch your soulmate you see every colour under the sun. 

If your soulmate dies your world turns black and white once again.

Sam saw colour twice but lost it.

John saw it once and lost it.

Dean has never seen colour, he's lived in black and white since the day he was born.

It was the same for Castiel.

Until he raised the righteous man from Perdition. 

Dean never understood why he could see colour when he came back from Hell, but never questioned it.

Until Castiel died for the first time and his world lost every drop of colour.

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Cobalt_Blu Cobalt_Blu Jun 06
Meanwhile theres a chick flick moment in nearly every episode
eagle22wings eagle22wings Feb 09, 2016
One chick flick moment every few thousand years is acceptable
TheGreatBeanMum TheGreatBeanMum Sep 09, 2016
Omfg but like can you imagine he saw her burn and on the ceiling and then his color slowing turned back to black and white while he watched her burn