Hichigo x Reader

Hichigo x Reader

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Opening your eyes to a strange looking place, a sadistic laugh rung in your aching ears, with a grunt and groan, you pulled your heavy aching body into a sitting position. 

'Damn, we do I hurt so much' you thought as you tried remembering what on earth happened for you to be in the current state your in right now. 


The day was a beautiful sunny day and with a smile you walked through town not having any intentions of staying in the over crowded confined space, why are you here then, you ask yourself well that's simple, you are in the process of meeting your best friend Ichigo on the other side of town. 

Without noticing you already reached your destination, "(F/N) hello... you there (F/N)" Ichigo called you out of your world of thoughts. You sort of stumbled a little as he pulled you a little, when reality hit you and looking at Ichigo's face you swore you saw a different face. Pushing it out of your over active mind you smiled "Hey Ichigo, hope you weren't waitin...

jessicus jessicus Jul 11, 2015
plot twist . please update this seems amazing and there isn't enough hichigo xreader out there I like this and I like you see you when you next update (hopefully soon)