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My Childhood Sweetheart's Brother

My Childhood Sweetheart's Brother

180K Reads 5.1K Votes 41 Part Story
Sylwia By silviaaxox Completed

Abbie has been with Dan, ever since she can remember. 

She met him at 5, had their first kiss at 6, shared a birthday party at 8, had their first sleepover at 10, school disco at 11, first date at 13, started the same high school at 14, and lost her virginity to him at 16. 

Why wouldn't she stay with him forever? After all, they were childhood sweethearts. 

If you've been with someone all your life, you can't imagine living without them. Your relationship is so strong that no one could break it. You know each other so well, that there's no way you could hurt each other right? 


Abbie finds that when her childhood enemy aka boyfriends brother arrives back in town, her happy go lucky fairytale life gets flipped upside down. 

Tension starts to build and bonds start to break. 

Arguments, break-ups, cheating, crime, fights, lies, parties, pregnancies and tears. All of this comes with the arrival of her childhood sweethearts brother.

•Checkout the trailer in Part 1•

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