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h2ovanoss ~smut~

h2ovanoss ~smut~

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whynopizza By whynopizza Updated Aug 07, 2015

Everyone has a fear of something or someone , its part of our natural instinct to protect ourselves from danger. And some people can be scared of clowns or just dislike them for certain reasons. Speaking of clowns , Delirious is one. Then does that mean Vanoss would be scared of him? Probably not. Let us find out.

Vanoss p.o.v.

I was walking around my house trying to find spare batteries for my remote to the TV. I looked everywhere for some but couldn't seem to find any. I gave up in defeat and sat on the couch.
" Maybe I should go to the store. " I whispered to myself , walking over to my car keys near the door. I stopped in front of them and thought about all of the people out their tonight with Halloween costumes on. I hate Halloween so much for two reasons , one all the little kids and adults walking up to your door and knocking when you don't have your porch light on and secondly all the masks that are in now , its like they just put a crap ton of stuff for you too buy on their ...

Yuriwolf14 Yuriwolf14 Jun 03, 2016
I like to scare kids in halloween then rob there candy i now it's bad but fun muahahaha
RosieIsACrybaby RosieIsACrybaby Sep 11, 2016
Actually I have a phobia to clowns too XD I just hate them they bring evil vibes
JesterLei JesterLei Feb 20
Glad im no clown.........IM A JESTER OK COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FROM A CLOWN......... ther is a difference
WritingWeeb101 WritingWeeb101 Sep 18, 2016
Yeah, the remote to the "TV" *wink wink* You really wanna "turn it on" right now.
Breezethefifteen Breezethefifteen Aug 12, 2016
I went to a pier when I was a kid and clowns were running around. One of them came up to me while I was eating ice cream and honked his nose, quick made me scream and smash the cone on his head... -.-
Awe people are scared of me?
                              Well then... 
                              Who likes me?~ 💚