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Not to Know [ERERI/RIREN]

Not to Know [ERERI/RIREN]

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Kipnotize By Kipnotize Updated Aug 30, 2016

500 years from now, Novus society rules unchecked, a program that has gifted humanity with 3 things. The first is a peace that will last forever, and the second is a personal computer that resides in everyone's minds called an Adjutor. The third comes on a person's 12th birthday, in the form of a tattoo that your Adjutor programs into your skin as you sleep. These tattoos are called Names, and with the purpose of guiding people to find their soul mate they have put an end to messy break-ups and divorces.

Eren doesn't want a Name. He believes love is about the journey there, and is tainted by the programming Novus society has forced upon humanity. He refuses to even know what his Name is, hiding it from the world and doing his best to pretend it doesn't exist.

Levi's been in love with Eren for as long as he's known him, but has stayed silent about their Names matching out of fear he'll hate him. The secret is heavy, though, and Levi is beginning to find it harder and harder to keep.

AkitaKyoko AkitaKyoko Mar 10
Why not just wear a scarf? Or bandages? Or the cloth you use to wrap around your face clean you speak?
Heyo! Im again reading one of your stories! I bet you are sick of me now, huh?
AkitaKyoko AkitaKyoko Mar 10
So what you're saying is..... if you guys were  in our world, you'd be a complete idiot and Eren would be the most intelligent person ever.
AkitaKyoko AkitaKyoko Mar 10
Why doesn't this exist in our world again? Oh yeah. Because this is stupid, boring and cruel reality
Erens name is levi. It has to be! Starts with an l and the "fated match" has the same name as you? Totally
pastelites pastelites Nov 24, 2016