Kim Taehyung's Wife [A BTS Fanfic]

Kim Taehyung's Wife [A BTS Fanfic]

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오케. By imkxrean Updated Oct 20, 2016

"Do you accept, Kim Taehyung as your lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer and till death do you part?"

"I.. I do."


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-softkook -softkook Apr 28
I would've punched him and said "BISH YOU WISH I CALLED YOU JAGIYA"
K, I'll just call you- bitchyoumadbecausejiminhasmorejamsthanyouhoe
Why did it picture after this a director saying "cut" then Tae squishes the JungHee's cheeks saying: "I DIDN'T REALLY HIT YOU DID I?!"
At least put them in their proper place. U don't want a messy house, do u?
Everyone here's like eomma and im just like th a FRIGGIN KIDNAPPE😐😂