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Ramsay Bolton, soon to wed Sansa Stark is stuck with a disobedient and confusing girl.
If she meets his standards would Sansa be free to leave?

Valiris Snow, a bastard, is sent to Dreadfort, her northern pride forcing her towards a darker path.

A path filled with danger, revenge and passion.


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Skaloa Skaloa Feb 05, 2016
Thank you to all my readers, looking back now it seems like only a few days ago I decided to publish this chapter. I hope all of you know how much I appreciate your time spent reading Valiris' story - it really means alot to me. ~<3 Skaloa
now-you-will-fall now-you-will-fall Aug 04, 2015
NO SAUSAGES I are sausages two nights ago but DONT EAT THAT SAUSAGE
now-you-will-fall now-you-will-fall Jul 14, 2015
Can I just say before I even start this that that's a hot pic of Ramsay Bolton/ Iwan Rheon on the cover? I used it for something that I'm writing for him too haha. Gods he's an utter a s s h o l e but he's cute in a weird, cute way~!!
pegasus41230 pegasus41230 Jun 30, 2015
Whilst it seems like a good story, you know I have no idea about game of thrones and do not see the attraction of Ramsay Snow/ Bolton.