Forbidden Love (Dinah/You)

Forbidden Love (Dinah/You)

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mud💫 By Misfit_Lovatic Updated Jul 13, 2017

Y/N Jauregui. 17 years old, recently graduated. She likes a girl...not an uncommon thing since she came out at the age of 14...she could ask the girl out...theres just one problem. 

And that problem is called Lauren Michelle Jauregui. Aka Lauren the cocklock Jauregui. Y/Ns overprotective, overbearing older sister. And the girl Y/N likes just happens to be one of Laurens best friends and band mates, Dinah Jane Hansen. 

Lauren has forbidden Y/N to make a move on Dinah. And since her and her friends are in a band and tour alot, shes able to keep them apart.

But when Dinah and Y/N come closer, physically and will Lauren react ?

Will they get a happily ever after ? Find out in Forbidden Love...

©® please do not copy, paste, steal, reproduce anything from this book without asking for permission and being granted it. Cover by my talented son @ArcticFlux

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BabyKitten21 BabyKitten21 Jul 19, 2016
Discovered myself when I was 11 and I still haven't came out😔
BlueNikiforovzki BlueNikiforovzki Nov 01, 2016
I've been reading Lauren/You fic a lot and now Lauren is mah sistah. Wtf 😂
LaurenJauregays LaurenJauregays Nov 23, 2016
Kinda funny cs i wanna come out this year and i'm 14 . 
                              Also i'm Lauren Girl so this should be interesting
lil_mami_ lil_mami_ Sep 08, 2016
I'm 14 and I actually did come out this year it was so scary but it was totally worth it
Laurmani_trash Laurmani_trash Feb 26, 2017
My shirt got stuck so technically I'm half way out does that still count?
ohanamila ohanamila Nov 15, 2016
did you mean: got pushed put of the closet so hard, I fell on my face and broke my nose?