Better Sorry than Safe

Better Sorry than Safe

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E.S. Young By danceforme19 Completed

Every Tuesday during football practice, sixteen year old Sem Bolton finds himself stealing glances at the gorgeous college boy jogging down the path next to the fields. He was his dirty little secret. His guilty pleasure. His unobtainable fantasy: safe and distant on the other side of the chainlink fence. 

Then, through a series of unpleasant events including being forced on a camping trip, it turns out his unobtainable fantasy is not so unobtainable after all. Not only is gorgeous college boy gay as well, he also wants to date Sem. 

Now, Sem was never one to play it safe. But outing himself was in a whole different league than testing his mother's patience or taking hits in the boxing ring. Was he really ready to date a guy, all consequences included? As if internal struggles weren't enough, count on girls, friends, and an estranged brother, to complicate stuff even further.

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Boi don't make me go second hand embarrassment on this again....ಠ_ಠ
sammie908 sammie908 Nov 23
I didn't know Brad and Angelina's daughter was grown by now.
harario harario 3 days ago
😂😂😂😂 OMG..... SEM, you are a dreamer. Stop dreaming while playing football. Uogh....😉😉😉.
Reneee_Lee Reneee_Lee 6 days ago
I think this but I wouldn't say this to my mom. Black parents don't play around and will NOT tolerate talking back. lmao I would seriously get in a lot of trouble.
smh @ main character. dnt be like this anymore plz. nerd r the cutest
                              BOI FOCUS ON THE FUCKIN GAME!!! (」゚ロ゚)」