Drops of Moonlit Sadness

Drops of Moonlit Sadness

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Cover credit: @feministee

****Collection of original poems by me where the topics range from love to life to madness and everything in between****

Only tormented souls can put into words the thoughts that others dare not even think. Poetry is such an act of bravery where soul, language and emotions mate to give birth to one of the most beautiful forms of literature. And this is my share of it.

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KrystalMelody KrystalMelody Apr 03, 2016
I think that we should accept gays, they mean no harm. They act like that because to them it feels like their actually acting like who they want to be. Who are we to write their stories?
PenandPaper627 PenandPaper627 Feb 08, 2016
Everyone should be who they want to be...even if mean people make fun of them ,that person should stand up for themselves...people shouldn't have to be forced to be someone the aren't...
Sandwich_the_Great Sandwich_the_Great Mar 01, 2016
I love the way you've written this. It's so deep. Keep up the good work.
nevertrustedwords nevertrustedwords Aug 18, 2016
I think most people don't realize the difference between sex and gender, but to who ever you are, live your life however you please and I, as well as many others, shall be there to support you on your journey.
KrishTallize KrishTallize Feb 07, 2016
I'm faithful to my religion but I agree with this. People should just accept others no matter what they are.
KpopLover73 KpopLover73 Feb 06, 2016
Society needs to understand that we're not all the same and that goes for any gender. We might want to dress differently or like the same gender because thats who we are and they must except the fact that some of us out there expresses ourselves differently than others.