The Crossing of Blades (FIOLEE)

The Crossing of Blades (FIOLEE)

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Peaced Out Long Ago By fioleefannumber21 Completed

("Prince... Marshall!" Fionna said, caught off-guard by his sudden appearance.

"Fi... wait a second, you." Marshall said, turning from his beloved momentarily to glare at Gumball.

"Yes, me.... ah, pardon, Princess. I'll deal with this ruffian." Gumball said, glaring back at Marshall.

Marshall moved closer to Fionna. "What are you doing on Middleground anyway?" He asked.

"The wedding's being held here." Fionna explained. 

"I could ask you the same question." Gumball huffed, crossing his arms.)

Fionna is set to be married to Prince Gumball to prevent a war when she is kidnapped by none other than her usual love interest, Marshall Lee. Together, they get through problems such as a naval blockade, the aforementioned arranged marriage, the oncoming war between their two countries, and presumably Stockholm Syndrome.


  • adventuretime
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