Chibitalia Returns [{Gerita}]

Chibitalia Returns [{Gerita}]

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Dead account :/ By those_tacos_tho Completed

Germany has a two problems. 

1) There is a big possibility that he is in love with his best friend, Italy. 

2) Italy has been turned into a kid and no one knows why.

It's now up to Germany to take care of  his little friend, find a cure and figure out his feelings for him.

Warning: Fluff, Chibitalia (he's deadly), gayness

Proceed with caution...

zaaza956224 zaaza956224 Aug 12
                              AND I HOPE HE TOOK SOME PICS WITH HIS CAMERA
zaaza956224 zaaza956224 Aug 12
                              I think I'm the only one who didn't laughed....
                              When i was 5 we were in my dad's hometown..... I nearly fall down from a hill.... :'d
Yes, that stuff is deliciou. I get it every time I go to a restaurant out in town. (I live in japan XD)
sweetmars03 sweetmars03 Jun 13
Honey what did I say? Also you don't walk backwards in a forest. Also also trees aren't scary
                              I'll only run fast if your chasing me with a weapon or threatening me.
zaaza956224 zaaza956224 Aug 12
                              HE SAW THEM
                              HELL YES
                              I LOVE YOU KIKU *Just about is gonna hug Kiku remembers he is so serious about personal space* ;-;
                              ANTWAYS I LOVE YA